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On The Road: The Springs

Pagosa Springs and Durango After a restful night camping beneath the stars, we resumed our journey towards Durango, our spirits rejuvenated. During the drive, the idea of an unplanned detour intrigued us, leading us to an impromptu stop in Pagosa Springs. Our objective was simple – to have a meal at the Riff Riff Brewing Company and unwind in the springs. The Riff Riff Brewery was consistently a positive aspect of our Colorado trips, a place where the bar was alive with conversations and laughter, a testament to the sense of community fostered by their local brews. Following a satisfying dinner, we

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On The Road: The Dunes

Great Sand Dune National Park Our next destination was the Great Sand Dunes National Park in eastern Colorado, a mere three-hour drive from Amarillo. Securing a campsite within walking distance of the dunes, we were poised to embrace this remarkable terrain. Upon arriving at the park’s entrance, the dunes towered above, their sandy hue in delicate contrast with the surrounding mountains’ deep brown. This region held a distinction as a dark sky location, a fact that stirred both the boys and me with anticipation. Even though we had reached the park late, enthusiasm fueled our readiness for adventure. We wasted no time,

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On the Road: The Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon State Park The road stretched ahead, seemingly endless, much like the horizon over the Gulf of Mexico. I had two young companions, aged 6 and 8, full of excitement for the adventure that lay ahead. They weren’t just kids on a road trip; they were explorers, eager for adventure and joy. Their enthusiasm brought back my own love for travel, ignited by their infectious spirit. With their bright, curious eyes leading the way, we set off on our grand adventure – two young hearts filled with the spirit of youth. Our destination? Seven national parks, across deserts and mountains,

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