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Mesa Verde National Park

Our journey kicked off with a not totally unexpected twist – Connor decided to put the camper’s plumbing to the test, something that would be the normal routine through the trip. Classic Connor. With a laugh, we moved on, making our first stop at the renowned Mesa Verde National Park. The region around Durango is where the plains meet the mountains, featuring these elevated plains known as mesas. These flat-topped mountains encircle Durango, with Mesa Verde standing out as one of the most iconic. 


Setting out in the camper – my first time at the helm of this beast – my palms may have been a tad sweaty, and my heart raced a bit. Navigating the steep turns demanded my full attention. Despite the park being just 20 miles west of Durango, a quick 40-minute drive on paper, I took it slow and steady. The boys, however, were in their element, embracing the novelty of a TV and couch. It was a new level of luxury for them, and they reveled in it, as if they’d discovered their own paradise. 


The journey continued, a passage through time itself. We ventured deeper into the heart of the park, a challenging endeavor with a 32-foot camper in tow. The road twisted and turned, a rugged path through the mesas, spanning nearly 20 miles until we arrived at our destination – an Indian village city nestled within the very cliff. 


The dwellings, suspended like apparitions, defied gravity as they clung to the rock. Their ancient presence echoed with stories of the past, a testament to endurance and resilience. Amidst the rugged beauty and the bumps that shook our course, I snapped a swift selfie with Davis, encapsulating the fleeting moment. 


But soon, we retreated from that precipice, finding comfort once more within the confines of our trusted companion, the “beast.” Our journey persisted, the road stretching ahead, brimming with stories untold and adventures yet to unfold.